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desizest.com is your ‘apna’ online classified ads service for Asians , it’s your one-stop- shop into the Desi marketplace; you will be able to buy, sell and connect with goods, products and services with a Desi flavour on this website. Ofcourse you don’t have to be a Desi to use this site! Anyone wishing to buy, sell or advertise their goods, products, or access services can do it right here; and best of all you can do it all for free!


Browse our site and find what you are looking for or even grab a bargain. It's simple, you don’t have to register for this, however to post ads you’ll need to complete our simple registration process and you’re ready to go.


At desizest.com we also provide a fee paying service if you want to give your advert a bit of kick and really make it stand-out, or if you are a business wanting to advertise your products then we have some very competitive deals for you. Please see Desizest business section for more information.

We hope you find what you’re looking for on desizest.com, and enjoy the Desizest experience and find a bargain.

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