How To Write The Perfect Classified Ad!

If you want an ad that will attract the attention it deserves and sell your item, product or service with speed, then desizest has a few tips:Blog Clip Art Resize 1 300x200


1. A punchy headline that grabs attention is important, after all it will determine whether people want to proceed with reading your ad

2. Keep your ad brief and to the point. Readers are skimming through 100s of ads and don’t have the time to read every ad in detail, therefore your ad should generate interest and create an impression in a few words ensuring the key points are covered

3. Key points covered should be – a brief description of  the item, product or service you are providing, and if you are selling an item, the condition it is in; nearly new, new, or used. Ensure the description is accurate and not misleading. Other key points are price of the item or service, and last but not least your contact details.

4. Desizest allows for 2 free photos. Having photos really helps sell. Photos could be of the item or product you are selling or sample work of the service you are looking to sell, for example if you are selling a cleaning service maybe a before and after shot of the work you have done. If it is food you are offering then photos of the dishes you have created. Do take advantage of the free photos on offer, after all having no photos could result in no sell or may take longer to sell

5. The all important price, if you haven’t indicated the price you are selling your item, product or service for, then this can put the readers off. You can argue that anyone seriously interested can contact you the seller to find out the price, well in most cases people don’t bother and will happily move onto the next ad. If you are selling a service, sometimes you may not have a fixed price, for example a make up artist may have a range of services they provide with varying prices, do say this in the ad but you can still give an indication of starting price. And if you are selling something for free do say so. A no price ad can put people off which means no sale or slow sale

6. Your contact details- you really want to sell your item, product or service right? then you need to remember to give your contact details, it sounds obvious, but sellers often forget to do this in the midst of writing an ad in a hurry. Whether its via email, on you don’t have to share your personal email address as you can do it via our email by clicking onto email contact, or you can give your phone number. However, only give the contact  you are going to respond to, for example don’t give your phone number if you will never answer your phone, or an email address but you never check your emails. Be clear, if you can take a call after a certain time in the day do say so. And remember if for any reason you are using someone else’s contact details, please check with them first

7. Finally, before you publish your ad we advise you to read it out aloud or get someone to do this for you, this will help make sure the ad makes sense to the reader

8.To re-cap:

  • An attention grabbing headline
  • Keeping your ad brief and to the point
  • Outline key points of the item, product or service you are selling
  • Insert photos
  • State the price clearly
  • Clearly state contact details
  • Read out your ad before you publish or get someone to check for you
  • Publish your ad

Goodluck with placing your ad.

Desizest Team