Desizest Premium Adverts


For our private desizest sellers we understand what your ads mean to you. We know you wouldn’t want your items hanging around for too long, so here at desizest we have developed a premium service to add some zest to your ads:


Desi Homepage Hotpicks


Advertising under 'Desi Homepage Hotpicks' is easy, it gets your ad noticed on the desizest homepage, which means as soon as a user is on the site they will get to see your ad straight away!


Off course, like yourself there are other savvy sellers who have chosen to advertise under 'Desi Homepage Hotpicks' too, and all the ads will be rotating on the homepage, so it’s virtually impossible to miss your ad.


Advertising under Desi Homepage Hotpicks is only £14.99 per ad for 7 days, so why not give it a go and get your sale fast!!!


Desi Top Pick


Why don’t you be a queue buster and keep your ad at the top of the listing for the duration of the ad by selecting 'Desi Top Pick'. For only £8.99 for 5 days your ad will be highlighted and marked 'Top Pick' and will  remain at the top on a rotation basis, as at desizest we like to keep things fair. It would be hard for buyers to miss your ad, and the more times your ad gets noticed the quicker it’s likely to sell!


Desi Features


If you want your ad to stand out in our category listings, then 'Desi Features' is the one for you. Your ad will be highlighted and marked ‘featured’ so the eyes of any potential buyer will notice your ad amongst the non-featured ads. Sounds good? Then take a look at the price, for only £4.99 you will get a featured listing for 5 days. So even if your ad makes its way down the list, the ad will still stand out in the listings, and therefore increasing your chances of a sale.




For any private ads that you place, you will get the chance to add 2 FREE photos per ad.